Buyers Corner

  • How many properties can I own?

    You can own as many properties as you want.

  • Can I authorize someone else to register my property by granting him Power of Attorney?

    Yes, you can execute Special Power Of Attorney to get your property registered by someone else.

  • What is Power Of Attorney?

Power of Attorney allows a person to authorize another person the right to make decisions regarding the person’s assets, finances and real estate properties.

There are two types of power of attorney. First, the ‘General Power of Attorney’ where a property owner confers ‘general’ rights. The rights include but are not limited to sell, lease, sub-lease etc. The second one is the ‘Special Power of Attorney’ where only a specific right is given by the owner to the chosen person.

  • What documents would I need at the time of possession?

Original payment receipt

Allocation Letter

Power of Attorney

  • How could I verify that the documents shown to me by the seller are genuine?

Land title documents can be verified from the Abuja Geographic information system.

Project approval can be verified with the FCTA Development Control Department.

  • What documents should I check before buying a new property?
    • Sale Deed
    • Title Deed
    • Approved Building plans