Abiji Valentine

Founder and Managing Director at Valington Homes and Properties Ltd. Valentine has years of Real Estate Marketing with The Brick Real Estate Ltd, KYC Interproject Ltd, Super Structures Limited and amongst others.

Studied Accounting at The Enugu State University of Science and Technology. Being in love with Real Estate Development after a travail of experiences in other fields of endeavors, ABIJI VALENTINE joined the Real Estate Sector in 2017 where he started as a Business Development Manager with the Bricks Real Estate Ltd and thereafter due to his interest in the aspect of sales expanded his tentacles to other prominent and well mentioned Real Estate Companies like KYC Interproject Ltd, Super Structure Ltd/Leisure Court Estate and amongst others.

Due to the performance of Abiji Valentine together with his team, by influencing businesses running into hundreds of millions even without being a staff was requested to Head the Marketing Department of KYC Interproject Ltd where he served from 2018 to February 2020.

In 2019, ABIJI VALENTINE co-founded Valington Homes and Properties Ltd and became the Managing Director, an indigenous Real Estate Company based in Abuja together with his friend Ugota Darlington, of which the said company was merited with an award of The Best Marketing Partner of the Year 2019 by Leisure Court Estate Abuja. As an Information Marketer, he is proficient in Digital Marketing, Real Estate Consultancy, Information Marketing and amongst others.

Before joining the Real Estate Sector, ABIJI VALENTINE has worked as an Accountant with Leadership Newspaper Group Ltd, an Auditor with ETA Zuma Group W/A Ltd.

He is a graduate of Accounting from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu in 2011.


1. Best Marketing Partner of the year 2019 (Toyota Corolla Car) Leisure Court Estate
2. Best Marketing Partner of the year Award 2020 (Toyota Hilux) Seman Estate

Phone number: 07037092049